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About Fujian Normal University

Fujian Normal University (Abbr. FNU), as the oldest institution , was founded in 1907 and has grown to become a dynamic, comprehensive, internationally renowned university for teaching and research. It offers a wide range of subjects and disciplines of a full range of academic degreeincludingliterature, history, philosophy, science, engineering, pedagogy, economics, law, business management, agriculture,etc. Nowadays FNU tally offers 68 undergraduate programs with more than 27000 students enrolled. The University is at proud to host 10 post-doctoral research centers(among which 19 are first-class doctoral programs), 14 first-class and 130 second-class disciplines for postgraduate program, 8 professional postgraduate programs, one national key discipline, 18 provincial key disciplines.

The multiplicity and diversity of FNU’s programs and the high quality of its faculty have translated into a constant upgrading of its teaching and research. In 2007, undergraduate teaching quality was assessed as excellent by Ministry of Education. The University offers 10 state-level specialties (branded specialties) in Chinese language and Literature, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Musicology, English Language and Literature, Physics, Geography, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Economics, and History, etc. Since its foundation, the University has trained nearly 400,000 graduates in the past 105 years, who are active in various fields of Politics, Education, Technology, Culture and Business.

FNU has always endeavored to promote exchanges with institutions overseas. It has built friendly relationships and cooperated with over 100 colleges and research institutes in more than 30 countries, including the U.S, Britain, Australia, Japan, and with UNESCO agencies.FNU has distinguished itself in Southeastern Asia with active international exchanging, rapid development of international education as well as fruitful achievements in the promotion of Chinese Language internationally.

Fujian Normal University began to receive foreign students in 1984. Overseas education in FNU is gradually and considerably improved from small to large in scale, from low to high in school-running level, from simplex to diversity in the involved areas.It provides foreign students with undergraduate program of Chinese Languages and postgraduate program of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. It is one of the registered national HSK test centers, which provided the HSK tests at all levels for worldwidestudents.Currently, there are more than 500 foreign students from 23 countries, living in two overseas student apartments which provide them excellent living conditions. In addition, the University has co-founded two Confucius Institutes respectively with Angeles University Foundation of the Philippines and Alazhar University of Indonesia, making great achievements in sending Chinese volunteer teachers and nurturing localized Chinese teachers.

FNU is striving to attract and nurture outstanding students and scholars all over the world through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, research and exchange, contributing to the advancement of society regional significance and engagement with the rest of China.

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